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STING Spring 2017
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A359: Tie-Dye 101
Difficulty: **

Do you want to do something easy, fun, and creative? Then you're signing up for the right class! Have a blast in Tie-Dye 101!

We'll need to buy the shirts and tye dye.

A362: Painting and Chill?
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Miranda Durkee

Even if you've never painted before in your life, sign up for a chance to let your inner artist shine! Learn about the basics of painting while making friends and having fun!

A356: How to Make a Movie
Difficulty: ***
Teachers: Clara Scheidle

Ever wondered what it takes to take a movie from an idea all the way to the big screen? Here, you'll be able to film your very own movie, and even see the complete finished product.

A339: Mild Memes 101
Difficulty: **

Harambe would've taken this really fun Adobe Photoshop class.

A346: How To Make Bouncy Balls and Slime 101
Difficulty: **

Are you ever bored and don't know what to do? Well, now you do! You can make bouncy balls and slime with four simple ingredients that are laying around the house!

A348: Extreme Splatter Painting
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Sidney Hollinger

You will learn about splatter painting and Jackson Pollock's techniques. Then we will jam out and make some art! You will have access to a ladder and other art materials to make cool splatter paint pieces.

A357: Über Origami
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Luke Havener

Have you ever been in a creative mood, but didn't know what to make? Within this course, you will learn to make a selection of awesome Origami creations that will impress both you friends and family alike! You will also learn some easy techniques that will allow you to create anything else in the world of origami that is not taught in the course.

A358: Magic of Movies and Music Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Lauryn Blottin

Horror movies just wouldn't be the same without the shrilling, nail-biting creepy underscore before the jump scare. And romance movies just wouldn't be romantic without the graceful music of a piano playing in the background. Whatever kind of movie it is, music is key to making your audience scared, excited, etc. So what if you had the chance to control your audience's emotions? Want to make them jump out of their seats? Cry tears of joy? Take this class and you can be your own musical director for a day!

A360: Art for Dummies
Difficulty: **

If you are the type of person who is convinced that they have no artistic abilities then is this the class for you. Art for Dummies shows that anyone can be an artist by using modern art to showcase what is possible.


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H364: How to Off-Road like a pro
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Clint Engle

Off-road like a pro teaches students how to be safe and appropriately react in different biking situations. Students will learn about the various terrains including: mud, sand, snow, etc. and how to control their vehicle in these environments.

Literature, Language, and Writing

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L337: Bon Voyage!!
Difficulty: **

Hey! You wanna sound fancy? Come learn French! Learn the French alphabet and basic French phrases so you can be très français.

L336: Sign Language
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Kylee Schwenck

A basic, yet amazing, sign language course that anyone can join. We'll learn the alphabet, common phrases and cool things you can do with sign language, like communicate under water. We'll play games and you'll get your very own sign name! "Wait, what's a sign name? I wish there was a class that taught me the basics of sign language." Well look no further. See you there!

Performing Arts

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P350: The Improv Guide to the Universe
Difficulty: **

This class will teach you how to speak more persuasively and how to come up with material on the fly; whether you have to talk your way out of homework, why you failed a test or why you should get extra credit!


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S338: Got Science? Full!
Difficulty: *

Have you ever wondered how elephants brush their teeth? Do you like chemistry? After taking this class, you'll be capable of creating your very own elephant toothpaste, and go home with a bag of FUN SLIME!!!

S342: Astronomy vs Astrology
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Sarah Goergens

Passionate about space? Interested in whether the stars have any say in our daily lives? If you answered yes, then this class is perfect for you! Learn about the basics of astronomy and astrology, and how to distinguish between the two.

S344: Ice Ice Baby
Difficulty: **

Do you love mad science? If so, this class is perfect for you! We will be doing some spooky experiments based around dried ice, including instantly freezing objects, smoke baths, and making our own ice cream! Hope to see you there!

S347: Brain Games
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Celeste Cloyd

Do you have a good memory? Is the dress black and blue or white and gold? How does the brain learn? Jump into the world of psychology to find out.

S353: Care of Magical Creatures
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Hannah Culkin

Ladies and gentlemen! Are you an ambitious and fun-loving student with an affinity for animals and an appreciation of the natural world? Do you have even a remote interest in biodiversity and ecology? Or do you just have an uncontrollable love of Harry Potter? If any of these apply, sign up for Care of Magical Creatures! In this course, students will learn about the incredible world we live in through the application of principles of biodiversity and ecology, as well as curriculum from the Harry Potter class entitled Care of Magical Creatures. Sign up today!

S354: Build-a-Body
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Courtney Thompson

In this class you will learn basic human anatomy so you will be able to build an anatomically correct body out of given materials.


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X361: How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Full!
Difficulty: **

Wanna know how to survive in a broken world with zero chances of hope? We'll teach you the basics of zombie survival.

X341: Psychic 101
Difficulty: *

In this class you will learn how to find and use your inner psychic abilities. You will learn how to calm your mind and focus on your inner abilities as well as learning some psychic basics.

X343: The Most Satisfying Class In The World
Difficulty: **

This class will bring the videos you see on Instagram and Youtube of satisfying objects into real life. It will also help you find ways to manage stress and anxiety. You will get to play with floam, kinetic sand, and even get to make and keep your own fluffy slime.

X345: How to travel like a pro
Difficulty: ****
Teachers: Natalie Valenzuela

In this class we will be teaching how to travel like a professional. After this class you will never have issues with planning, collecting the proper supplies, figuring out means to travel on your trip and so on. Our main focus will be to make you not just prepared to travel but to get you interested in traveling.

X351: How to survive high school
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Kelsey Knight

In this course, middle school students will be taught a variety of tips for succeeding in high school, studying, and life in general!

X355: Conspiracy Theory 101
Difficulty: **

Do you think there is something interesting going on that we don't know about? The moon landing was faked? We are living in one of many alternate universes? Then join this class and learn about the secrets of conspiracy theories... if you dare!